Sunday, October 10, 2010

...birthday cake...

...he INSISTED that he make me a birthday cake...I gave him a few choices from my favs (Nutmeg Love Cake, Spiced Apple Cake, Choc cake or first attempt at one that looked great in Edmonds - forgotten the name)... he choose Edmonds One Egg Chocolate Cake... the plating instructions were very precise also... lucky we had strawberries in the house!!

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  1. That looks so good. What a star! Thanks for your comment about my tapa. Are you from Tonga? My husband is Tongan. I met him when I was over there on a holiday. His Mum and sister are into making tapa. His Mum has passed away but his sister still does it as a hobby. I made some a woven placemat too and they made me some baskets. I should post about those sometime. They used to demonstrate and let you try making tapa at the Tongan National Centre so try that if you go there:)