Wednesday, October 13, 2010

...actually most of what I've made in the last week has been presents - birthday, wedding, XMAS!!!... so don't feel I can spoil by posting photos just yet.... however I wanted to try this Japanese style obi from this book that I was given for my birthday (thanks lovely Gemma) ... years ago an Indian lady told me her mother was coming to stay with her after the birth of her baby to wrap her belly for 40 days and 40 nights after the delivery...apparently helps with return to form (easier than sit-ups?!?).... decided I'd like to try Japanese obi to help me try out an Indian tradition?!?!...was also great chance to try some of the quilting techniques I've been reading about in various library books/ online... am super happy with how it turned out and hoping it'll make a showing at Wardrobe Wednesday soon (after delivery)...


  1. oh cuz, that book has been on my list for awhile. love it xx

  2. I'll bring it for Xmas browsing cuz! :)