Thursday, March 17, 2011


 ..she was sitting there this morning as I had breakfast next to her and I realised she was totally surrounded by homemade things from lots of fabulous women in our lives...

(clockwise from top)
Quilt over back of couch - Nanna/ Aunty Glen
Nappy bag and change mat - mama
Animal wrap - friend Sarah
Crochet hat - friend/ Aunty Jade (flower by mama)
Sleeping sac - mama
Flax ball - Nanny Love Lee
Shawl - Nanny Love Lee
Crochet cushion - mama (with help from Nanny)

... how cool is that!!..., just look at her - isn't she the sweetest thing...xox


  1. She is gorgeous . A little tresure amongst a lovely collection of handmade treasures!

  2. Hey Emalia. I went back to my Pay it Forward post to see who I needed to post to. Seeing your name I wondered where you've got to! Guess you're really busy being Mum. Would you be able to email your postal address so I can send you something handmade? Malo!