Wednesday, October 6, 2010 rules quote...

"The specific rules of the house, whether there are two parents or one, whether the parents smack or not, "are all far less significant than the overall, day-to-day atmosphere of the home. I really like this idea, because is takes a certain pressure off parents. It means that rules are secondary in importance to creating a home that is, for the most part, peaceful. This is something we are all capable of working towards."

"If the love and kindness outweigh the smacking, it is probably no big deal."

"...the unfairness that some kids get loads of love and encouragement from their parents while others don't get nearly enough."

 - Kate Triglone, from "Happier Houses Rule" article, Melbourne child magazine, October 2010 edition

I really like reading things in hardcopy - and free magazines will do just fine! This articule struck a chord with me on a day when I was tired and yelling at the 7year old was happening too much and feeling guilty about it... I wanted to post it so I can come back to it and remind myself long after the paper has been recycled/ upcycled/ filed safely somewhere....

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