Monday, December 6, 2010 wearing...

...more baby wearing... she much prefers this sling by Nature Sway to the red wrap... probably because the wrap is too hot for Aussie summer... I bought this sling for my boy but he didn't really like it and only used it about 3 times... then it got passed around several of my friends/ cousins and back to my sister... don't think anyone elses bubs liked it much either... so it made it's way back to me and I'm so glad!!!.... getting lots more done now can keep her happy and have 2 hands free...


  1. Looking super comfy there :) I have a natures sway sling too, I just couldn't get the hang of it with Jarvis though - maybe when we have number two it'll work out better like it has with you! (So many baby carrying devices round here...and now I want a manduca for when we have another baby! Addicted!)

  2. Our kids both preferred different slings, too. Aesop loooved the moby-style wrap (the long stretchy one) and Otto couldn't stand it. Otto loved the ring sling, whereas Aesop didn't like it til much later. I don't know how woman live without slings/wraps though, being able to have the 2-handed time is so important!