Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...oven cloths/ mitts...

...I've decided I actually do like quilting random little things like these... although I'm still too scared to try a real size quilt... or anything actually all-that-structured in fact....anyway...my mum volunteered me to make oven cloths for our family farm Christmas this year... I was procrastinating over it something terrible because felt like didn't have the right stuff in the stash to do it... then the man of the house asked me to cut off couple pairs of his jeans for shorts... and VOILA!!! - suddenly I have the perfect fabric precut perfect size!! I also recycled op shop jerseys for the heat protecting insides... with inspiration for the woven detail from my cousin and her wedding invites nearly 8 years ago!!! (Wow cuz!).... and can you tell how much fun I had with the patterns on the machine.... :)

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