Monday, December 13, 2010 game...

...birthday present for a lil boy who loves fishing (and orange!)... and I'm sure who's mama waiting in NZ for us to arrive end of the week won't spoil the surprise!

...based on a game I had as a child... my son and I made this version from air-drying plastic clay (a really lightweight version) with safety pins for 'mouths' and goggly eyes from my collection (?!? am I the only one with goggly eyes in her collection!)... I made the seascape barrier to make it harder.. and rods out of florist wire, pipe cleaner, string and magnet secured in blob of craft glue...

... we had so much fun making and testing this one that we decided to make one for ourselves!


  1. Gorgeous! I remember having a fishing game when we were little, I absolutely loved it :)

  2. fun. secret squirrel, won't tell him. yes, i am waiting impatiently for you to arrive xx