Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...wardrobe wednesday - floral...

Fake flowers - hibiscus and hair clip I made from lei 
Sunnies - Von Zipper (wonder how long they'll last after bub arrives)
JK maternity tops
Adidas shorts
Gola shoes - hand-me-downs from my sister (Aunty Shoes/ Sus :P) - SO struggling with doing laces!

 ...ok so the challenge this week was something floral... and I know I don't have to post what I wear on Wednesday, but since my due date is a Wednesday (next week!) I have been posting belly and clothes from Wednesdays as a countdown too... was the boy's school's Walk-tober celebration... so I made the effort for school pick - up... (drop off is invaribly in PJs so SO not walking like that)... enjoyed walking in the sunshine and felt good for making the effort.... although took longer than used to...had sore back after....and didn't induce labour for a 20/10/2010 baby like my brother and sister so this is what I wore walking....took Claire's suggestion and wore flowers in my hair (token effort)... and took my new sling bag which has trees and flowers on it....

.... and this is what I'm wearing now.... obviously floral... but not really in the true spirit of Wardrobe Wednesday... but I just finished it last night and wanted to post it anyway... the 7 year old says I look like I'm from China!!..... he took the photos again....artificial light this evening is not very flattering... but at least I don't look as grumpy as last week....

...for other Wardrobers try here (where it started?), here, here or here... better make more effort for next Wednesday since theme was my suggestion.... wonder if I'll be wearing my baby by then!?!

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